Can Asymmetrical Breasts be Fixed Without Surgery?

Hi! I am 22 years old and I was wondering from looking at my pictures could my asymmetrical breast be fixed without implants? Or would I need implants plus a lift in my left(the bigger one) breast? Thanks!

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Augmentation vs lift for asymmetric breasts

Breast asymmetries must generally be done in surgery.

If the patient is OK with their size on the smaller size, a lift on one or both sides with slight reduction of the larger side is an option.  This is the lowest maintenance option.

Or the patient can have a lift plus asymmetric implants if the patient needs a bigger size.

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What are my options for breast asymmetry?

Dear collegegirl,

Yes, your breasts can be made more even without using implants. If you are happy with the size and shape of your larger left breast, then the smaller right breast can be enlarged using fat grafting or an implant. If you are happy with the size and shape of your smaller right breast, then the larger left breast can be made smaller by performing a breast reduction with a lift or by performing a breast reduction using liposuction. Regardless of the method used, expect significant improvement but not necessarily perfect evenness.

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Larry Fan, MD

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Breast lift and reduction in the bigger breast or breast augmentation in the smaller breast

Thank you for the pictures. The procedure most suitable for you depends on which breast you would like to have matched up. Do you want to be larger like the left one or smaller like the right? A breast reduction and lift can be performed to reduce the size of the left to make it perkier. You can also increase the right with an implant although you may need to still have a lift performed if you want the left to be perkier.

Fat grafting to the breast!

You can use your own tissue to even things out.

Fat grafting is a valuable tool in breast surgery. This technique has gained more popularity over the past 7 years. There are many techniques used to harvest the fat, process the fat and then re-inject the fat. Conventional suction lipectomy is performed with a small diameter cannula, processed by separating the liquid and fibrous tissue from the fat, and then placed into syringes for re-injection or through a closed system.

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Correction of breast asymmetry

Correction does not always require implants. This is a personal choice. However, asymmetry does require a surgical procedure. I second the statement of another poster that, regardless of the solution you elect, there may still be a difference in the shape and appearance of the breasts.

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Fixing breast asymmetry

Asymmetric breasts are very common, and you can definitely fix your asymmetry without implants. You can have a lift and reduction on the left in order to match the size and nipple position on the right. If you want the breasts to match and also be larger, then yes you would need implants, along with a list on the left. In that case a smaller implant can be used on the left side since it is already larger than the right. I would not recommend an implant on only one side though, since then you will still likely be asymmetric in shape. Good luck!

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Breast Implants - Can I Achieve Symmetry Without Getting Implants?

Hi collegegirl in charlotte,

You can definitely get an improvement without getting implants.  You actually have a lot of choices, and you've received some very good suggestions so far.

To summarize:

1)  The simplest approach is to have a lift and small reduction on the left.  That will make them more closely the same size.  They will not, however, look exactly the same (they almost never do, whether before or after surgery).  For one thing, one will have scars and the other won't; for another, they'll still have slightly different shapes.

2)  You could do lifts on both sides.  That would make both smaller, and you could have more taken out from the left to more closely equalize the sides.  Then, though, you'd have scars on both sides.

3)  For the most dramatic change and look, you could have implants and a lift on both sides.

4)  You could also argue that you should do nothing at all, as your breasts right now have no scars on them, you're young, I don't know if you've had or are planning pregnancies, breast-feeding, etc., and there is the potential that the surgery could impact either or both of those.

If you're a little confused, it's not surprising...there are a lot of choices, and none that is "correct!"

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Correcting your specific asymmetry

There are several options well detailed by the previous answers. The simplest and probably most stable for the future is a small reduction and lift on the left side only. I would strongly disagree with the answer that suggested that an implant on the right side alone would solve the asymmetry. We currently have no good way to measure the exact volume difference between breasts and position of the nipple (as well as shape) affects the apparent size/volume. Also the minimum size increase with an implant that is properly fit and looks natural is about one cup size and your asymmetry is not a cup size different. I would also not recommend fat grafting to the right side as it's quite difficult to get the right amount of fat in the right place to survive and there is still no longterm proof that fat grafting has no influence on breast cancer. 

If you wanted to try something simple but not exact that doesn't involve breast implants or fat grafting, I would try liposuction of the left side only. It's difficult to know how much effect the liposuction will have in terms of volume but it shouldn't be more than a half cup worth and doesn't involve scars to speak of. It probably won't address the lower nipple on the left but it won't make it lower either. 

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Assymetric Breasts! What to do?

You can gain symmetry without an implant or if you wish you can have an implant.   Without an implant the left side woul;d simply be lifted and slightly reduced.  An implant could be used on the right side and the left side simply lifted and not reduced.  Ot you can choose to go larger with a bigger implant on the right side and a lift etc as has been discussed.  Lot of options.  Get three consults with ABPS-FACS surgeons.  Good Luck.

You can fix asymetry without an implant

There are a couple of options for you.  The easiest is to get a small reduction on your left side.  This will give you a loft in your nipple position on the left and can easily come very close to the size and shape of your right.  Of course this gives you incisions on you left breast that you would not have on your right.

Another option is much more controversial.  Fat injections can be placed in your smaller (right breast)  this is a procedure involving liposuction to your abdomen and injection of the harvested fat into your right breast.  This is still controversial as there is a concern that this could possibly increase your chance of breast cancer.  This is mostly a theoretical concept, but in the U.S., most surgeons (including me) are not willing to take the risk.  I am constantly reassessing my position, I think this has great potential and once I think the risk profile is OK, I will likely start fat grafting the breast.

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