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Why Don't I see Results of CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing After 2 Months?

I recently paid $3100 for a Full Ablative CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing from a PS. I was put on sedation with an anaethesiologist, and the procedure was done in 30 minutes. I had hardly any redness, or was swollen. I kept aquaphor on my face, and 3 1/2 days later I was completely normal. The problem is, I look EXACTLY the same as I did before the procedure. The PS says I won't see results for 2 months, because the collagen has to build up. Is this normal?

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No results 2 months after laser resurfacing


  While your doctor is correct in saying that there may be continued improvement over the next 6-10 months, from your description, it sounds like you may have been under treated.  How many days it takes to resurface the skin after the procedure is a very good indicator as to how deep the resurfacing procedure was.  It sounds like you had a fairly light treatment if you healed in just 3 1/2 days.  Sorry to have to say this to you.

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Ablative CO2 Laser Resurfacing


 I am not sure what you were trying to accomplish with your procedure and I , of course, don't know what settings were or which laser was used. Nevertheless, it appears that you received a very mild treatment if you were healed after such a short period of time. You may get better as time goes by but I doubt that you will see much overall change. With laser resurfacing, longer recuperative times translate into better results, assuming no complications.

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No results


A lot depends on the laser settings as to power etc. However, I would expect you yo see some superficial skin changes at this point. Skin tightening will come later

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