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How Much Will my Profile Change During the Months of Rhinoplasty?

I received rhinoplasty approximately 2 months. My nose had a huge hump and it curved down a lot at the bottom (before). I wanted my nose not completely straight, with slight bump. My profile at first was still almost the same as my previous nose, but it started to soften a bit and the bridge lowered with time. My only concern is that I still think my profile is still too big. I know people say that the tip swelling decreases every month, but I was wondering how much smaller my profile will get?

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Rhinoplasty results

At 2 months the swelling has mostly subsided, although you may see slight changes in the next few months.  Keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon regarding your expectations and the final results.  Best wishes!

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Waiting for swelling to go down after rhinoplasty


Hello Samantha,

Thank you for the question and the photos.  It really is hard to know how much swelling there is and how long it will be before one can make a decision about possible revision.  The answer use to be 1 year and I think in most cases that has been brought back down to 6 months.  I think the real answer is when there are no more changes seen and everything has stabilized.  This is often in the 6 month range.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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Rhinoplasty outcomes and recovery times


Fro the photo you provided, the profile looks pretty good.  There's no evidence of a hump in that photo and things should be settled down pretty much along the bridge after 2 months.  I'd say, just wait and see how it looks in a couple more months.  If the bridge is still a tad too high, it could be as simple as shaving a little cartilage off the bridge.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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