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What Procedures Will Help Me Get a More Hourglass Shape?

I've always had sort of a stocky, straight shape (not overweight, just not very shapely). My waist doesn't taper in very much, and I just don't look curvy. My ideal would be to get a look like Salma Hayek... her curves are to die for! Could plastic surgery make this possible?

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Creating an "hourglass" shape

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The "apple" type body can be very difficult to correct. This may be due to genetics as well as visceral fatty deposits. Some reports of removing ribs to create a waistline are one of the more extreme measures used. Generally, traditional methods include Breast implants with tummy tuck and musculofascial plication with possible fat grafting to the hips/buttocks and liposuction of the outer/inner thighs.

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