Drainage Post- Capsulectomy on One Breast

with drain for 7 days. drained 25 cc for the past 2 days from 1 breast only. is this still a lot? what is the cut-off for drainage, and how long can a drain stay?

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Drains after Capsulectomy Breast Surgery?

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Drains are commonly used after capsulectomy. Removal of the drains will vary from one practitioner to another;  it is a judgment call made by the surgeon who knows your situation best.

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When does the drain come out?

Placing a drain after a breast capsulotomy is common.  Although there is no standard amount in which surgeons decide to pull a drain, most will do so after it's draining less than 25 or 30 ml/day.   Individual surgeons may modify that based on specific findings during surgery.

It is fair to ask your surgeon when he or she is planning on pulling it out and what daily output they are comfortable with.   You also have an idea of how much is too much so that you know to call your surgeon if a problem should develop.

Adam Hamawy, MD
Princeton Plastic Surgeon
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When can drains be removed?

This really depends on surgeon preference and on your specific procedure and to some degree any special findings at surgery. Who better than your surgeon should be answering this question for you?

Drain removal

Every doctor has different criteria for drain removal. I usualy wait until it is less than 30 cc/24 hours.  You should just check with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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How Soon can I have my drain out Post- Capsulectomy (Implant Scar Removal)?

Having had at least one Capsular Contracture complicating your breast Augmentation which required surgical removal of the scar and releasing its squeezing of the implant I can understand why you would want everything to go well after the scar removal. We usually put a drain in in surgery when we anticipate the body will produced fluid which may either get infected or prevent the walls of the wound from coming together and healing. As long as fluid is coming out at a certain daily volume, it is best to leave the drain in. When the volume falls beyond a certain number the drain can be removed. The volume of drainage at which a Plastic surgeon would remove his drains VARIES widely and is based on the surgeon's experience and preference; it is the ART of practicing Medicine.  If I were your surgeon I would be VERY unhappy to find out you were shopping for advice on-line and second guessing my treatment. Please, call your surgeon and ask him when he would like to remove the drain.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Ask your doctor these questions

This is an individual decision made by your doctor, not appropriate for on line input.  I personally take them out when under 25/day but your doctor may differ.  Why did you bother to ask this on line rather than just calling the office???

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