Pixie Ear Revision? (photo)

I had a facelift and am left with pixie ears that need a slight revision. What should I expect in terms of scars, stitches, time off work, etc."

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Pixie Ear Revision

In the simplest version of the correction the remnant lobe is advanced upward and the scar area is closed behind that.  This would not require time off from work and could be performed under local. 

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Pixie ears after facelift

This can be repaired in the office or operating room depending on what your goals are and what kind of scars you are willing to accept. Some times a simple office procedure as explained by Dr. Hughes is the way to go first. If you are not happy with this result you can always do a more invasive procedure. Good Luck!

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Pixie Ear Revision

It looks as if there's a lot of tension on your scars and correction may require SMAS support rather than just undermining skin to reduce tension.  So the more involved the procedure the more downtime. 

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Pixie ear after facelift

This can be corrected under local anesthesia. If done on a friday, you can return to work on monday and most people would not notice anything.

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Correction of Pixie Ear Deformity after Facelift

As others have stated, the pixie ear or satyr ear deformity after facelift results from too much tension on the ear lobe (lobule) during closure. This can be avoided by not trimming the skin excessively and by relieving the tension on the closure with a deeper lift. That said, if this does occur during healing, the best way to correct it (in my practice) is to repeat the incisions around the ear and undermine widely. The lobule is then resuspended at a higher point to the deep connective tissue and the skin is closed underneath it.

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Pixie ear after facelift

A pixie ear typically occurs when too much tension is placed on the earlobe during closure of the skin. This type of deformity is relatively straight forward to correct and can reasonably be done under local anesthetic in an office setting. The ear lobe is released and the lobe is repositioned in a superior direction. From the picture that you provided it looks like the scar may still be relatively fresh. You also look like you may have some hypertrophy (thick scar) behind the ear. This can be revised as well. I usually like my patients to wait several months after surgery before any revision is done.

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Pixie ear correction

This should be a fairly simple procedure (provided that your surgeon is experienced) with little/no down-time.

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Pixy ear revision


This facelift complication is a result of downward skin tension on the earlobe following facelift surgery.  The problem can be corrected with repositioning of the earlobe upward with possible re-suspension of the skin flap or a smaller procedure that leaves a small scar.  Good luck.

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"Pixie" earlobe deformity after facelift is easily correctable but also easily avoidable.

Closure of the skin after facelift under tension will distort anatomic features that are not rigid. The earlobe is one such structure that will be pulled down in bland into the cheek destroying the lobe. The tension free closure will avoid this. When it occurs is easily fixed with a small procedure under local anesthesia.

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Pixie Ear

This revision of your earlobe is a relatively easy fix under local anesthesia.  You will not miss ant time off work, but will have sutures for 5-6 days.  Good Luck!

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