Can Photofacials Help Excessive Blushing?

I have very fair skin with an uneven pink complextion that is very prone to blushing. Sometimes the blushing is for no good reason at all and can last for an hour. Will a Photofacial help with the blushing?

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Photo facials and blushing

Photo facials will not prevent blushing. Blushing is a physiologic response to heat, anxiety, etc.  However, the broken blood vessels that are caused and exacerbated by blushing that leads to Rosacea can be significantly improved through photo facials and IPL treatment. I also have had a huge amount of success with the V-Beam treatment for rosacea, redness, and telangiectasias. It is important to find an experienced board certified dermatologist for any of these cosmetic facial procedures.

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Facial redness and blushing may be associated with rosacea.  IPL or photofacial is a good treatment option for this.  You may require a series of treatments, spaced one month apart from each other. 

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It depends, in some cases this can be helped. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

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Photofacial therapy may be used to treat blushing

Photofacial therapy may be used to treat blushing. The IPL light reduces blood vessels in the skin and therefore reduces the amount of blood going to the face when flushing or blushing.

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IPL/ Photofacials and "excessive blushing".

If you take particular notice you may find that some discrete situations cause you to blush or flush. This may be part of rosacea. To answer your question, photofacials or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are quite helpful in reducing facial redness and flushing as you described. To ensure that what you are experiencing is not part of rosacea symptomatology, I recommend you consult with a local dermatologist to ensure that the proper oral and/or topical therapies are started if need be.

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Photofacials can improve flushing

Flushing and blushing can be part of rosacea, which is treated beautifully with IPL photofacials.  It may require a number of treatments, but overall the redness and flushing can be significantly reduced in time.

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You might have rosacea and should see an excellent dermatologist for an evaluation.  IPL can blanch out the vessels and make the pinkness less of an issue.

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