Are Dermal Fillers a Good Option for Filling Lipo Indentions on Stomach?

I have a few liposuction indentions on my stomach. They are not severe, but noticeable. I was curious if dermal fillers would be a good option for a smoother look? Bio Alcamid or Aquamid?

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Fat injections are the best answer for defects in the fat.

Fat injections are the best answer for defects in the fat. I have used this technique many times over the years to improve contour abnormalities in patients referred to me after aggresive liposuction. I am also seeing much more of these kinds of problems in patients who consulted me after laser liposuction. This is another reason to avoid laser liposuction of all sorts. Classic liposuction with small instruments remains the gold standard.

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Replace missing fat with fat

Contour depressions of the abdomen or any other area after liposuction are best treated with fat grafting.  The results are long lasting and rarely need to be repeated after a few months.

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Lipo indentations

Lipo indentations may be better treated with fat injections as opposed to filler. It would probably take too much filler to improve the contour. 

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Dermal fillers should not replace a good lipo touch up.

If you get any small indentations from liposuction, then fat grafting into the subcutaneous layer or a more thorough liposuction with the micro canulas will usually permanently fix the problem.  Dermal fillers go into the dermis and not the subcut layer.  Some nonFDA approved materials are being used indiscriminately and are showing up later with problems.  Don't take the risk.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD 

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