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Permalip implant migrating 10 months after procedure? (photo)

My lower implant was placed crooked. I learned to live with it. In the past 2-3 weeks suddenly have noticed the tip has moved up to the mustache area. When my mouth is relaxed it appears crooked and when I push on the opposite end the tip bulges out maybe 1/4-1/2" above my lip. I thought once they were healed I was in the safe zone. What can be done? I have called and left my Dr. a message today but was wondering if this is normal.

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Lip Implant Crooked

It would seem that your implant may have been the improper shape or size. It is crucial that measurements are made as accurately and carefully as possible. Consult the implant manufacturer as a replacement may be provided to you. Removal of the implant may be a potential best outcome if the measurements can not be properly ascertained.

Permalip implant moved

Your lower lip implant moved a lot if it has moved from the lower lip to the upper lip mustache area.
Regardless, whether it is the upper or lower lip implant that has moved, it need to be removed.
It may have been in the wrong place, or may be too short or too long.
Length is important in lip implants.

When the implant is removed Then your options are -
  • have your surgeon replace the implant at a better location,
  • have an new implant placed after careful mouth measurements,
  • remove the implant permanently.
  • The manufacturer may or may not provide a new implant but it is work asking.

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