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Post Paranasal Implants with Rib Cartilage: Will my Smile Return to Normal?

Several weeks ago, I had rib cartilage paranasal implants to balance out midface depression and protruding lips. My smile is now very different. Is there a chance that it won't return to normal 100%? Also, I can see the paranasal implants when I smile wide. It looks like a hunk of fillers is under my skin. Is this swelling, or is it permanent?

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Facial implants, after surgery


Actual photos would definitely help tremendously answer your question correctly.

You are still going through the immediate postoperative phase and, as with any surgery, some changes may be attributable to that (such as swelling, pulling, firmness, some irregularity and asymmetry). These changes should resolve with time, approximately over the course of next few months.

However, some of the changes you are describing may be secondary to the implants placed. In this case, these changes may improve but will likely persist to some extent. You wanted to change your midface with the procedure, didn't you? As far as smile is concerned, this may improve with time once your muscle adapt to the new facial structure.

In any case, at this point of the game you just need to be patent and wait it out.


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This is an unusual surgical approach.



You did not provide photographs.  However, you must have had an unusual anatomic problem to warrant the use of this surgical approach.  these types of surgeries do place a lot of volume in an area that is not accustom to it.  This will many have a long term effect on the shape of the mouth or even how you smile.  Sometimes there effects are unanticipated by you or your surgeon.  While this change return to the preoperative state?  You did not tell us where you are in your recovery.  Obviously, immediate post operative swelling will make this worse.  As swelling goes down, you will be left with the volume change from the implant.  Prolong swelling is one reason, when feasible, fillers may be a preferred method of address many volumetric issues in the face.  Because of the unusual nature of your surgery, it is appropriate to address these questions of your surgeon.  If you do not get the answers you are looking for, you are in a part of the country where many surgeons are available for a second opinion should this prove to be necessary.

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Abnormal smile with paranasal implants.


Abnormal smile with paranasal implants may return to normal with time. Ask your surgeon since he knows what he did while putting in the implants.

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