How Much Do Palate Expanders Cost and How Long Does a 20-year Old Have to Wear It For?

I bought a groupon for elite-provider invisalign treatment in Chicago. The ortho checked out my teeth and said I'm a candidate, but he said the treatment would take longer than 12 months. He suggested a palate expander first, as I'm only 20 and still young enough for it. I've waited 10 years for braces and am disappointed I have to wait longer, and spend more. How long will I have to wear a palate expander and how much will it cost? I just need an idea at least.

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It is rare that palatal expansion is possible in an adult because of the maturation of the upper jaw. If one is used after the palate has matured beyond a certain point, instead of the palate expanding, the teerth are moved. This may or may not be acceptable. In many, if not most, patients such movement has the potential to cause recession of supporting gum tissue and bone on the outer surfaces. Given what you have described, it might be a good idea to get a second opinon to be certain your goals for orthodontic treatment will be met without any untoward side-effects. 

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The expander is used for serval different problems. Correcting a cross bite. Increasing the width of an arch, and opening the max suture. I would get an orthodontist to do a treatment plan for you and see where this fits into his treatment plan

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20 year old with a palatal expander

Usually palatal expanders cannot be used after you have stopped growing as the sutures fuse together.  I would assume that you have stopped growing and I am unsure of the benefits. 

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