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How Painful Is It to Have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

how painfull it is to have a brazilian butt lift

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Pain after he Brazilian butt lift


The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective technique that can improve the contour of your bottom and create a beautiful result. It is a combination of procedures that consists of aggressive liposuction of the abdomen hips and waist and lower back, separation and processing of the fat that has been collected, and strategic grafting to the gluteal area.

Patients undergoing this procedure should understand the recovery process afterwards. They should anticipate swelling, bruising, and discomfort that can last from two days to two weeks. Most of our patients who received this procedure state that the majority of their discomfort was in the first 2 to 4 days but that this discomfort was managed with Tylenol as well as the pain medication prescribed. Patient also state that using the specialized armored that we provide helps minimize the swelling, provide support and increases their comfort.

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Brazilian butt lift recovery & reducing pain


Following the brazilian butt lift, you must not sit directly on your buttocks for up to three weeks to help ensure permanent results. Most people can return to work in 2 weeks, but you'll have to wear a special garment (to control swelling) for two weeks. There may be a small amount of swelling for up to 6 weeks. However, you should be able to resume all normal activities at 4 weeks post op. The procedure isn't typically associated with a great deal of pain as much as the discomfort of not sitting directly on your buttocks for such a long period of time after surgery.

Although we don't typically put a pain pump with Brazilian butt lifts, pain pumps are indeed used in various cosmetic surgery procedures to reduce pain. Read more about the benefits of pain pumps at the web reference or watch my video about why pain pumps are awesome.

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Pain after Brazilian Buttlift


    In general, after performing hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts, the average pain or discomfort period lasts from about 3 to 7 days.  This largely depends upon the amount of fat injected into each buttock.  In most patients, I liposuction the abdomen, flanks, and back for 5 liters and inject 1200 cc to 1500 cc per buttock.  The few days of discomfort are worth it according to the patients.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Brazilian buttlift Los Angeles, CA

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Pain after Brazilian Butt Lift


Brazilian butt lift is the combination of liposuction and fat injection. An additional benefit of the Brazilian butt lift is that you not only get a shapelier buttock, but the area to liposuction is now much leaner, giving your profile a more sensuous look.

Patients may experience some pain or discomfort, bruising and swelling after the procedure. Most patients return to work two weeks after their buttock augmentation and are able to resume all normal activities within four weeks. Swelling typically dissipates by the sixth week.

When performed by an experienced surgeon using the proper techniques, buttock augmentation is a highly satisfying and permanent procedure that enhances the profile of the buttocks and surrounding areas for a younger, firmer, and curvier look.




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Pain of Brazilian Butt Lift


I just finished talking to a pateint with a BBL yesterday, who reported that they were "sore" but walking around. They had taken 4 doses of pain pills. They stated that the buttock was the most painful area. The abdomen, hips, outer thighs and arms were the donor sites. 550 cc were injected into each buttock. The patient called, not for complaints of pain, but to know if she could shower. The soreness typically lasts for 3 months but does not prevent most individuals from returning to their jobs within 7-10 days.

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Los Angeles Brazilian Butt Lift


Excellent question. Most of our Brazilian Butt Lift patients tend to be "sore" for a few days, but are comfortable overall with oral pain control. The procedure "pain level" is akin to that of liposuction. Of course, pain is a subjective phenomena, so it will largely depend on your personal pain thresholds.


Best of Luck,


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