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Painful Scar Tissue After Breast Reduction 6 Years Later, Is this Normal?

Hello! I had a breast reduction in 2006, from a HHH, (that the surgeon said was much bigger to a DD) I never had very painful scars until about a month ago I noticed an area on the lower area of where the reduction was that was slightly raised and very painful to the touch. I also get sharp pains once in a while in my chest. Is this normal?? Why did it take so long for that area of the scar to be so painful?

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Breast reduction and pain six years later

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It is unusual for a scar six years old to cause pain after a breast reduction. An exam may help delineate the cause. You should probably see a surgeon regarding this.  Good luck.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Scar pain after breast reduction

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It would not be typical for a pain pattern to develop six years postoperatively.  You should see your plastic surgeon to evaluate whether a late hypertrophic scar is at issue.  Also, whenever a patient presents with breast pain, I recommend a breast examination.  If you have not had a screening or regular followup mammogram, then this is always advisable.

Robert L. Kraft, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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