Why is Vaser liposuction risky for removing some types of belly fat?

Is it safe to surgically remove this fat? Can it be done? How?

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Vaser for belly fat

Abdominal wall fat can be divided into superficial (just below skin), mid layer fat and deep fat -next to the muscle layer. Furthermore behind the muscle wall there is visceral fat which also can protrude if the muscle tone is weak.

Any liposuction obviously only can be used for the fat in the front of the muscle wall, we cannot suck out fat inside of the abdominal cavity - this is not safe.

Most surgeons prefer to work on mid layer fat and some of the deep fat, superficial fat just under skin was avoided as it could lead to uneven contours.  However ,Vaser High definition method uses special instruments which allow surgeons to work on superficial and middle fat layers. This gives 3 dimensional effect-Liposculpture.

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Vaser Liposuction

You would have to be more specific.  We remove a great diversity of fat and the only unsafe fat would be fat in a hernia.  That fat we would like to leave where it is.

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