Is It Normal to Feel Rippling of Silicon Implants on the Entire Breast?

Augmentation - 7 months ago. I was a 32 A and I had 375 ccs of silicon gel to put me at a 32 dd. The surgeon placed implants under the muscle. I am 106 pounds and 5'3". Two months ago I began feeling rippling or bubling under and around both breasts. I had an ultra sound of one of my breasts two months ago for a different issue and you could see a small amount of breast tissue in front of the implant. Now I am feeling the bubbling implant on my entire breast even around my nipple. Is this normal

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Rippling after implants

This is more common in patients with thinner skin and less of their own natural breast tissue. You  should see your surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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Rippling of Breast Implants

Typically, with a silicone implant placed below the pectoralis muscle in an adequately sized implant pocket, rippling of the entire breast should be quite rare.  Rippling of the lower pole of the implant can occur on occasion, especially if your overlying breast tissue is thin.  It could be that your implant pocket is too small to accommodate the implant, although it could be other issues as well.  Best to see your original surgeon to get a accurate answer.

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Breast Implant rippling

Rippling of silicone implants will occasionally occur if there is a dearth of breast tissue and I would urge you to consult with your operating surgeon, who will be familiar with your anatomy, and will be able to answer your question.

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Breast Implant Rippling

All breast implants ripple with saline implants rippling more than silicone illed breat implants. Your cup size goal for your augmented breasts is limited not by the size of breast implant that could be physically put in the breast but by the amount of available breast tissue available to cover a particular implant. From your description it seems the implants used in your case did not have sufficient soft tissue cover allowing the implant ripples to be felt. This may be remedied with application of fat grafting or insertion of a biological sheet between the mplants and the breast tissue. 

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Thin and rippling

The thinner you are the more likley you have less soft tissue coverage even when the implants is placed under the muscle. It is quite possible that you have rippling.  It is important to get an evaluation.

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Feeling rippling after breast augmentation

It is uncommon to feel rippling across the entire breast after augmantation with a silicone gel implant under the muscle .  However , the information you provided indicate that you are extremely thin (BMI = 18), so there is little natural body fat or breast tissue to cover an implant and mask the edge.

Your best option is to ask your plastic surgeon what options are available to address this issue.  Good luck.

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Rippling Of Breast Implants?

Thank you for the question.

No, it is not common to feel rippling of silicone gel implants on the entire breast. Generally, it is more common to  experience rippling  with breast implants placed in the sub glandular position.  With sub muscular augmentation,  if rippling is present it is most likely to be found along the inferior and lateral aspects of the breasts where the pectoralis muscle coverage is no longer present.

In regards to correction of the rippling issues,  in person examination will be necessary to give you good advice.

Best wishes.

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