Non-Surgical Options for Skin Tightening During Massive Weight Loss

I am in the process of losing a lot of weight in an unhealthy and pretty unmanagable way.

About 5-10 pounds a week for the past 2 months. I am being diagnosed with some sort of autoimmune problem with my colon, but they suspect Chron's disease.

I hate all this sagging! Luckily I have lots of extra weight to lose but I'd rather be fat than have all this skin! I know I'll probably hear about the wonders of having a frankenstein makeover which will cost more than my cars and a year's house payments.

I have bagging in my arms, stomach, inner thighs, and jowl. I imagine it will only get worse as I continue to drop this weight. But what I'm looking for is: What vitamin supplements can I take (right now I'm only able to eat chicken and turkey without getting sick) What exercises can I do? Are there lotions I can rub in? Is there special clothing that will help aid the return of eleasticity?

Other info you might need: Gender : Female with 2 kids, Age: 32 Starting Weight: 238, Current Weight: 203 and dropping daily. Any help would be appreciated!


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First thing is to take care of yourself


An "unhealthy" loss of weight is not the best way to lose, and I worry about your nutrition and your ability absorb vitamins properly esp. if you have a colon condition. Medications prescribed to you can also affect your immune system.

I would recommend getting a handle on treating your condition ASAP so your weight loss is more manageable and healthy.

Of all the groups of patients who are candidates for non-surgical skin tightening, I would have to say that weight loss patients are proably the last in line.

The non-surgical alternatives provide at best a mild effect.

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