Is 25 Too Young for a Non-surgical Face Lift?

A few years ago I lost 90 pounds, I'm now at a healthy weight but have noticed that from the beginning of my weight loss my face started looking 'flabby'. When I pull my cheeks up from the sides of my face with my fingers, I see a perfect set of cheekbones and an ideal face shape. I don't want a full blown facelift. I'd prefer a non-surgical face lift (eg. thread lift).I have thick skin with no wrinkles and enough volume/fatty tissue. Please advice me on my options.

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Too Young for a Non Surgical Facelift?


Your face looks wonderful! Some skin laxity is common after weight loss but you really look great. I would advise against undergoing any surgical procedure that would leave scars at your age.

The skin tightening machines, Thermage, Titan, LuxIR and others do work best in young people like you but the best results are 20-30% and are very subtle.

If your cheeks are the primary concern, facial fillers like Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm, Perlane and Sculptra can add volume to the face and plump the cheek and midface. This would be your best option if you really want to take action.

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25 is not too young to look good...


If you can look better with little effort and risk, you should do it. We also treat ladies aged 80+. Quality of life is precious at any age.

Mainz Dermatologic Surgeon

Non-surgical facelift options


Because of your 90 pound weight loss, you have a little more laxity in your tissue than a normal 25 year old. There are no great non-surgical options other than fillers placed in the folds and over the cheek bones. These "liquid facelifts" can be very nice.

Threadlifts have been passed over as they don't give you enough result for enough time to be worth doing them. Thermage and Titan also are unimpressive for the costs involved.

Do non-permanent fillers for a while and consider a cheek lift in your 30's.

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Ultherapy for facial tightening - Los Angeles


Great question. We advise patients to undergo non surgical face tightening such as the Ulthera procedure. This works great to tighten the lower face and neck. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Non-surgical facelift, juvederm, prp, restylane, sculptra


This is a common problem. When individuals lose weight, this usually begins with fat loss in the face. Fillers, used in a non-surgical facelift, or a liquid facelift, generally is the best option. I use restylane, juvederm, PRP and/or sculptra to get the best results.

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Effects of Weight Loss on the Younger Face


First of all, congrats on losing weight and staying healthy! Don't discount the hard work that takes.

Your skin does get stretched out when you are carrying extra weight. After losing that weight, some patient's skin does not have the ability to "snap" back to that tighter position. In the most severe cases, a traditional "facelift" can be done. But that is not the case with you. The deeper folds you see around your nose and mouth are a result of the "volume" you lost with the weight loss. Using fillers, fat grafting and/or PRP (Protein-Rich Plasma) can greatly restore that volume and bring back a smoother contour to the face.

There may be some benefit in using non-invasive skin/muscle tightening treatments, like Ultherapy, but none of those on their own will provide enough correction. It would be one way to practice prevention in the skin loosening more quickly over time.

Please do not go looking for ThreadLifts anymore, they've been wrought with poor results that do not last, and numerous complications.

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Too young for non-surgical face lift?


After massive weight loss, you may develop significant laxity of tissues in many body areas including the face.  Age alone doesn't preclude you from a non-surgical face lift.  Restoring some volume in strategic areas using fillers may have a profound effect of reducing the laxity in your face.  You can also consider treatments such as Ultherapy which may help you reduce the laxity in the facial tissues.  Good luck.

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Post-weight loss facial sagging


You've had significant distension and stretching of the facial skin which is now sagging after the 90 lbs weight loss. Such skin expansion can cause deminished skin elasticity which is why your skin has not contracted spontaneously over the last several years since the weight loss. Sun and smoking also dramatically deminish skin elasticity. I do not believe that a non-surgical approach is an adequate option. Thread lifts are all but off the market and clinical evidence does not support this approach as effective or even safe longt erm. Facial volume enhancement will distend the skin but will make your face look unnaturally full and large. Just as in the abdomen skin after dramatic weight loss, you do not attempt to fill the abdomen with soft tissue to lift the skin by expanding it, the best apprach is surgical removal of the excess and damaged skin. In my opinion this is the best option just as a tummy tuck would be even in a 25 year old. The good news is that you would likely just need a skin pull and not a SMAS or deep plane lift as the deep structures are likely in good position. A well trained surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation would be the best person to consult.

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Non Surgical Facelift at Age 25?


First, please understand that there is no such thing as a "non-surgical Facelift", because nothing currently approximates the results a Facelift can achieve.  Secondly, I would advise you to steer clear of Thread lifts which have left a long trail of disappointed patients.  Thirdly, it is my impression that you don't currently have the appropriate indications for a Facelift procedure.  Lastly, good skin care and potentially fillers are the only thing I would recommend based on the photos provided.

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Is 25 Too Young for a Non-surgical Face Lift?


Fillers will improve the nasolabial folds and hollowness under the eyes and make cheeks more prominent.

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