Does Facial Flex Work?

I have just started using Facial Flexi. Has anyone heard of this and if so what do you think?

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Does facial Flex Work


Although the concept of exercising facial muscles in order to achieve a youthful look is compelling, there is no credible evidence to suggest efficacy.  We exercise our facial muscles thousands of times a day, yet the aging process still marches on.  Consider other ways to spend your money!

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Facial Flex is not consistent with the science of the aging face.


Only two so-called studies exist on Facial-Flex. Both were written by the same authors, none of whom are doctors. The "studies" were written in 1992 and 1994 and apparently have never been replicated. They were not blinded studies. They were not published in plastic surgical journals. There is a lot to be skeptical of with such "research."

The changes that occur in the face with aging have nothing to due with a lack of exercise of the muscles in the face. Age-related changes are primarily due to deterioration of the structural components of skin (including elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid), which lead to sagging, and the loss of subcutaneous volume (such as fat). We correct these with surgery (to lift sagging) and with injectable fillers (to fill volume loss).

In fact, one well proven way to minimize wrinkles is to actually weaken the muscles of the face with agents such as Botox Cosmetic and Dysport. Building up muscle function is very likely the exact opposite of what a patient would want to do.

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Save your money


Facial exercises can theoretically improve facial appearance however all the studies in peer reviewed literature that have been done up to this point have not shown exercises to be helpful. There are somethings that sometimes make sense but actually do not work. That is why we do studies and that is why any surgeon on here will probably not recommend it. 

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Heard of it, never seen it


Can't imagine this would work.

As you age, the muscles might lengthen, along with the skin, and the ligaments that hold the facial tissues to your bones, but "toning" the muscles wouldn't do anything to fix the looseness in the ligaments and skin.

Also, the device looks like it would only exercise the muscles around your mouth. This could worsen the wrinkling in that area and wouldn't help the rest of your face.

If it works to your satisfaction, I'd love to hear it. I'm always willing to be surprised!

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Facial Flex. Does it work?


As of this writing, there is no hard scientific evidence that that this type of activity achieves the end points that it purports to.  Please see an experienced, board certified doctor.  In fact, see a few of them.  They will have more specific advice.

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Facial Flex is a WASTE of your Money


Facial aging has little to do with the size and tone of facial and in the case of the Flex, the muscles around the mouth. Getting these muscles rubbed with special lotions, zapped with electric massagers, doing neck sit ups, or in your case puckering exercises will do NOTHING for facial aging.

These devices are just the latest is a long list of rejuvenation quack devices which preyed on the gullible practically since humans walked the face of the earth.

You have already wasted your money on it. It is up to you if you also want to needlessly waste your time.

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Facial flex?


As you can see by the other answers, the chance of facial flex working for you is almost zero. There are so many people out there who will prey on you and your fears of surgery. They will sell you on any number of non-surgical options that don't work at all.

Go to several experts in facial plastic surgery and see what can be done for you that will really work.

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Facial excercises do not tighten facial muscles


The facial exercises machines and facial muscle stimulaters simply do nothing to rejuvenate your face. The facial muscles do not respond to exercises like the muscles of your body as facial muscles are not weight bearing muscles. 

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Facial flex


Flexing the facial muscles will not help with soft tissue descent.  It is like when patients ask me if they work out their chest muscles will the breasts get bigger or be lifted.  It doesn't work.

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Facial flexi may actually make your platysmal bands worse


I've frequently been asked whether exercising the facial muscles can help to improve facial aging. While we're all convinced of the health benefits of exercising muscles in other parts of the body, the evidence is less compelling in the face because the excursions of the muscles are more complex and their influence on the overlying soft tissue less direct. I agree completely with Dr. Brzowski that aging tends to stretch the ligaments which connect the skin to the underlying facial muscles. Until we have devices which both tone the muscles and tighten the skin-fat-muscle interface, save your money. Making the platysmal bands (the muscle cords which run inferiorly from your chin to the lower part of your neck) stronger, you may actually worsen the appearance. Good luck.

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