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Is my palatal expander causing me to have nerve damage as I now have pain when I bite whereas I didn't before?

36 year old female. Non surgical palatal expander put in 4 weeks ago. Tried biting softer foods, but there's pain now where there wasn't before. Molars feel loose. I'm concerned that the tipping of these teeth are causing nerve damage. I get braces in a week where I will continue to have the expander in. I'm terrified that this will cause more problems in the future.

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Adult palatal expander


palatal expanders work on kids because the upper jaw is really two bones that are connected by a suture down the middle.  Putting a force on the opposite sides separates the bones and new bone fills in.  At a certain age (sometime in the teens) the bones become permanently fused...the only expansion that happens after this time is just moving teeth  through the bone...
I would get a second opinion asap,

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