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How Much Money is a Tummy Tuck when Done by a Resident Student?

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Resident pricing for plastic surgery.

Most plastic surgery residencies offer cosmetic surgery discounts if you allow the residents to perform the surgery.  The price will depend on the geographic location and the market.

Make sure of several things:

Who will be performing the surgery and who will be supervising the surgery.

What happens if you have complications.

Who will see you after the resident graduates and moves away from the program.

Are all of the costs included.

Is this a technique that they have assisted and observed several times, or is this a technique they have only heard about in a lecture or read about in an article.

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Cost of a tummy tuck when done by a plastic surgery resident

The cost of a tummy tuck that is performed by a plastic surgery resident would depend on the plastic surgery program and the associated hospital that it is performed at. There are several training hospitals in the Chicago area. You should call the plastic surgery departments and inquire as to the charges that you would be facing. Realize, that for such a discount, there are trade-offs.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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It will depend on the program

I teach plastic surgery resident and they do their surgeries under board certified plastic surgeons supervision . The charge at Louisiana State University at New Orleans including all the fees is around $5000.

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Tummy tuck by a doctor in training

Tummy tuck by a doctor in training can make the procedure affordable to those who find it out of reach. The Chicago area has at least three university programs that might be available to you, though you should also consider total cost as to what the hospital will charge, and the anesthesia staff as well so you stay on budget. It is also fair to ask the resident how many similar procedures he has done, and how well will he be supervised. Also, realize the resident is 'your' doctor for better or worse, so be sure you have a rapport and comfort with him as you would any doctor you trust with your care.

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