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Is Miradry Safe for the Groin Area?

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MiraDry is FDA-approved for the underarm region.  There are reports that the company is developing indicatoins for other areas of the body, including the groin and palms; however, not yet!

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Miradry for the groin

Our office specializes in Miradry treatment in Los Angeles. Although ongoing studies for palmar and plantar Miradry treatment are active, the technology is FDA approved for axillary hyperhidrosis as of 2014. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Miradry so far only for underarm

Miradry has been a great solution for many patients for controlling sweat under the arms but unfortunately it is not currently indicated for the groin area. It is possible in the future that there will be adaptations to the current device that allow for treatment of other areas such as the groin area.

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MiraDry for groin hyperhidrosis

miraDry is FDA approved for hyperhidrosis of the underarms but can be used 'off label' in other areas like the groin at the discretion of the treating physician. If by 'groin' you mean the inguinal folds, the folds between the pubic area and the thighs, this is generally a safe area and not likely to injure vascular structures or genitalia. However, > 99% of physicians are not likely to treat areas if there is no formal FDA approval. Physicians have treated the inner thighs and back with miraDry and this is an active area of clinical research. It may be prudent for you to wait until the FDA approves the miraDry procedure for groin hyperhidrosis before you pursue it further. This promises the best possible outcome. Read the miraDry e-book on the link provided.

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