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What Can Be Causing Torso/waist Swelling After MiraDry Procedure? (photo)

This is my 2nd treatment with the miraDry procedure and, just like the 1st time around, my torso/waist experienced swelling 3 days afterwards. My torso feels like it's carrying extra fluid and it would jiggle whenever I walk. Any idea what can be causing this and what treatments can be performed to speed up torso swelling recovery?

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MiraDry and compensatory sweating


To date, I have only heard of one patient who developed compensatory sweating after the miraDry procedure and this would be the second case that I am aware of. EVERY and I mean emphatically EVERY procedure or treatment for hyperhidrosis can cause compensatory sweating. Hopefully, it will lesen over time. Compensatory sweating is most well described after sympathectomy but has been observed with topical agents, oral anticholinergic therapy, Botox injection, miraDry and sympathectomy.

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