Square Booties After BBL. Is This Because of the Hole in Most Compression Garments?

After doing some research, I have noticed that some patients who received the Brazilian Butt Lift have a square shaped booty (view from the back) once the fat settles in. Some women have said in their stories that the fat settled down in the opening at the bottom of the garment. Is this a result of the large hole (pee hole) in the bottom of the garment?? and if so what garment would be best to keep the butt round instead of that square look from the back???

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Square shape after BBL?

I do not think that a square shape after a BBL is the result of the garment. I personally think it is the result of surgical technique.  The fat must be injected in very precise amounts and into very precise areas of the muscle and fat.

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Brazilian Buttock Lift Squaring

Dear SilkE,

The squaring phenomenon that you refer to is more likely due to the inability of the buttock skin over the apex or most projecting part of the buttock to stretch out.  Additionally, if you look closely at before photographs of these "square" buttock patients, often you will see a pre-existing flattening over the most central portion of their buttocks.  This is precisely why many of these patients are coming in in the first place; to fix their flattening.  The reality is that this pre-existing flattened skin is very, very difficult to expand by injecting fat beneath it.  I usually will bring this condition to the attention of my patients, if I believe it to be significant, and inform them that they may not get the full rounding and projection that they expect.  Sometimes a second stage of fat injection is needed after the central buttock skin has stretched to its new projection and relaxed.  It is my opinion that the garment type has very little impact on final buttock shape.  However, when I do apply a garment after a BBL I cut holes in the garment directly over the center of each cheek to help allow the skin to stretch.  Good Luck!

Square butt after Brazilian butt lift

I don't believe that the fat moves or settles to a different position because of the garment.  The shape will be determined during surgery.  The area at the bottom of the buttock near the crack, is typically unchanged by Brazilian Butt lift; if this area appears square, it was square pre-operatively.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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