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Melanage Peel for Acne Treatment?

I recently had a Melanage peel to reduce melasma I incurred after fertility treatments. I saw little improvement in the Melasma, but dramatic results in pore size and breakouts.

What part of the Melanage peel worked for acne (the peel itself or month long follow up)? I have tried numerous peels, lasers & products over the years to no avail. I'd like to have another peel (it's been 6 months and the breakouts are starting again) but hate to spend more money for a peel meant for melasma to cure my acne.

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Melanage Peel for Acne and Melasma Treatment


The Melanage Peel is designed for the treatment of melasma and other pigmentation on the skin.  However, the active ingredients include a high percentage of retinoic acid, an ingredient commonly used in the treatment of acne.  It is likely that the retinoic acid component (a derivative of Vitamin A) of the chemical peel is what helped to improve your acne. Regardless of the intent of the peel, it does contain ingredients that have been proven to help acne.  Other chemical peels that help to improve acne include salicylic acid peels, glycolic acid peels, and jessners peels.

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