What Massage Techniques Are Useful After Having Breast Reduction Surgery?

How soon after breast reduction surgery would massage for the breasts be ok? Does this help with boold-flow and the overall healing?

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Massage after breast reduction

While I recommend breast massage (actually pocket expansion exercises) after breast implants, I don't think it is of any value except in unusual circumstances. I do however recommend scar massage to aid in the healing with vitamin E or mederma. Hope this helps you. Dr. Schuster.

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Massage not necessary

Usually, massage is not necessary after breast reduction. However, to make sure you can ask your surgeon.

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Massage after breast reduction


I would wait until the scars are mature and your surgeon has given you the "green light." There is no data on the benefit of massage after breast reduction.



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Massage and breast reduction

There really is no need to perform massage early post-op after a breast reduction.  Usually  I suggest to my patients to wear a good supportive bra without an underwire after surgery.

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There is no indication for massaging of the breasts following breast reduction surgery

There is no need to massage your breasts following a breast reduction and there is no evidence that such activity is beneficial in any way. More important is to avoid cigarette smoking for one month before to around one month following surgery; avoid blood thinners (such as aspirin) starting 2 weeks before surgery and continuing for 2 weeks after surgery; use a scar cream on your incisions starting a few weeks after surgery.

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Massage after breast reduction surgery

Breast massage after breast reduction is usually not  part of the recovery process.  Once the incisions are completely healed is possible if desired by the patient to have lymphatic drainage massage to help with removal of excess swelling.  This is a light touch massage technique used by a trained massage therapist in this technique. Two weeks after surgery you may begin massage  of the scars with vitamin E oil or cocoa butter to help the scars fade quicker.  Depending on how the scars are healing, one may opt instead to use mederma cream or a slicone  topical gel or silicone sheeting over the scars

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Breast Reduction and Massage?

Thank you for the question.

Generally, massage is not part of the postoperative routine after breast reduction surgery for my patients. There is no clinical evidence that I know that massage " helps with blood flow to the overall healing”.

Several weeks after the breast reduction procedure massage of the scars  may be helpful.

Please check with your plastic surgeon for his/her recommendations.

I hope this helps.

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