Losing Weight After Liposuction

What'd happen if I lose weight after liposuction? Will I be flabby in the treated areas?

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Many liposuction patients can benefit from a little weight loss after the procedure

Many liposuction patients can benefit from a little weight loss after the procedure. Although liposuction is not for overweight people, many liposuction candidates are a little over their ideal weight. I have observed, after 25 yeras of doing liposuction, that weight loss over the first few months after lipo improves the results in most people. See link below

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Losing weight after liposuction usually only improves the results of the liposuction.

We always encourage patients to exercise and lose wt after liposuction since it only improves the results and helps the recovery process. 

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Weight loss after liposuction

Weight loss after liposuction won't make you "flabby". You'll experience a weight loss that's proportionate, so you'll remain leaner. However, significant weight loss may cause loose skin if done too quickly.

Loss of weight after liposuction

The ideal candidate for liposuction is one that doesn't need to lose weight, but needs to lose volume in a stubborn area, often genetically based.  If someone is overweight, and then has liposuction and then loses weight, the skin may retract well if it has good elasticity, but depending on age and amount stretched out, over time, it could sag too much.

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Loss of Weight AFTER Liposuction

Liposuction should IDEALLY be done for spot contouring NOT to reduce and remove large amounts of fat / weight. It should be done in people near their ideal weight - although this is not always possible. Skin sagging MAY be seen after liposuction only in very large weight losses - not by losing  few pounds.

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Weight loss and liposuction

THe ideal situation is to be at a healthy and stable weight and lifestyle prior to any body-contouring procedure, liposuction included. Of course what effect any weight loss after liposuction has depends on an individuals situation, the magnitude of the weight loss, and the areas of concerns. A five pound loss in a 145 pound person is not very significant but a 30 pound loss in a 170 pound person is.

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Weight loss is still possible after liposuction

Liposuction is a very effective procedure for removing and controlling localized fat deposits, especially those that resist weight loss. Proper contouring is the goal, preferable at your 'goal' weight. Therefore, we encourage all to reach an ideal weight, that weight where they are comfortable and plan to stay, before a liposuction procedure. As far as further weight loss goes, I would not discourage you, and if your were a good liposuction candidate with good skin tone and elasticity, you should not suffer any skin sagging. It is unlikely that losing weight would ruin your liposuction results.

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Try to lose before

Although it is easy to say and harder to do, I recommend trying to lose weight before undergoing liposuction.  You will end up with a better result.  If you lose weight after, all you will do is enhance your result, so don't worry and go ahead with your surgery.

Losing weight after liposuction

It is best to be at a stable weight before undergoing any surgery.

Liposuction removes fat from under the skin.  So if more weight is lost, the balance is more in favor of sagging skin.  An experienced board certified plastic surgeon can guide you through that decision making tree.

I usually advise patients to be as healthy as possible, and not maintain extra weight on their bodies (stressing their heart, pancreas, etc) just to avoid looseness of the skin.

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Weight loss and liposuction

As the nother doctoirs have said, liposuction should be reserved for after your weight loss.  But if you lost 10-15 pounds after, ther result will generally be better than if you lost no weight.  Certainly, don't expect a nice result if you gain weight after surgery.

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