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How Long Until You Can Use Sunbeds After a Tummy Tuck? Good For Scarring?

ive just had a tummy tuck 2 weeks ago and im really pleased so far, no pain and i feel as if i could run a marathon already! however i was wandering after reading on the internet that using a sun bed can hekp with the healing of the scar, and the finished appearence of it, but just wandered if too soon after surgery will it cause any problems. If so how long should i wait? thanks

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Tummy Tuck - How Long Until You Can Use Sunbeds After a Tummy Tuck? Good For Scarring?


Do you mean a tanning salon?  If so - how about never!!  There is increasing evidence that tanning, along with other forms of UVA and UVB exposure, are associated with a substantial increase in the risk of skin cancer.  I would advise against that for almost anyone (full disclosure!) but certainly so for patients who are recovering from surgery.  After surgery, your skin is extra sensitive and I think you're at an increased risk of burns in the short-term, and skin cancer in the long-term.  Neither of those is should, of course, talk to your own plastic surgeon about these and any other issues regarding your procedure.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Tanning after a tummy tuck


I generally recommend that tanning after tummy tucks be avoided for 3-4 months but that sunscreens or blocks be applied to the incisions as long as they remain red. 

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There Is No Such Thing As A Safe Tan


I am not sure where you have gotten the information that tanning is good for healing.  Perhaps the tanning salon has made this statement, which is NOT true.

There is no such thing as a healthy tan.  Constant tanning (either by sun light or tanning beds) increases your risk of skin cancer and will expedite the aging of your skin (thick, leathery skin).

However, if you do choose to tan, my recommendation is to wait at least 12 months after your surgery, since the blood supply and the sensation to the abdominal is compromised, increasing the chance of a skin burn.

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Tanning after Tummy Tuck


I would not go anywhere near a tanning bed this soon after surgery. Your sensation is off, you will be much more sensitive to heat and UV rays. I have seen 3rd degree burns right through clothes on healing abdominal skin months after an abdominoplasty. In addition, avoid sun and tanning on all scars for at  least one year. Otherwise, the scar will look worse, and stay red and inflammed much longer. 

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