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How Long Do I Need to Suffer Through Invisalign Order to Improve TMJ?

My dentist who has been helping me with my TMJ made me a night guard last year which has helped manage the jaw and headache pain, but it did not get rid of it, and pain kept coming back. I have a muscular problem as he determined that there was nothing structurally wrong with the joints. It was recommended to get braces, as my teeth are crooked, so jaw would be in a muscularly relaxed position. I am in second week of invisilign with a Functional Orthodontist and still in similar pain as before.

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TMJ pain and Invisalign


I have personally never seen Invisalign cause TMJ pain. I would suggest you wear each set of aligners 3 weeks instead of the usual 2 weeks. Hopefully you will be feeling better in about 2 months. If not, sit down with your dentist and consider other options. I would also recommend that you see a cranio sacral therapist.

Dr. Sue Wendling

Portland Cosmetic Dentist

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