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How long does it take to fully recover from conjunctiva muller's muscle resection?

I am having ptosis surgery performed soon. I have less than 2mm that needs to be corrected an responded positively to a phenylephrine test, I was told this means that ill have a less invasive surgery and therefore quick recovery. I understand everyone is different. I'm a healthy (non smoker etc) 20 year old caucasian woman, when will I see the cosmetic effects of this surgery? When will my eyes look totally normal again?

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It takes 2 weeks to recover from upper eyelid surgery

It will take 1 week for the bruising to settle and another week for the swelling to settle.
The more the bruising the worse the swelling.
Swelling after surgery peaks at 3 days and then settles over the next 2 weeks.
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Recovery from the ptosis repair surgery can be variable.

If you have very little bruising and swelling, which is possible with this type of surgery, your lid height should be good within a few days.  If you have more swelling it may take a couple of weeks. 

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Healing from Muellers Muscle Ressection

The typical healing process from this procedure is 2-3 weeks where you will have visible bruising and swelling.  This of course depends on the patient and how they tend to heal.  You should start seeing results in terms of better positioning of the upper eyelid by about that time.

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