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Lollipop Vs Benelli Lift for Sagging Breasts?

I have been advised that I have substantial breast sagging, (26 cm). 3 doctors I saw only recommended Lollipop whereas one surgeon told me I can have 5.5 cm lift with the Benelli Lift and no puckering or implant.

Is this realistic? I don't want the vertical scar but don't want a dodgy job. Is puckering permanent and is it better than a vertical scar?

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A lollipop vs. A Binelli


I have to agree with others in this form that 5 1/2 cm of lift from a Binelli mastopexy is asking a lot for this operation.  It igenerally does best with smaller lifts and some degree of purse string puckering is the nature of this type of lift.


A lollipop lift allows greater elevation of the nipple and removes more skin.  It also allows the skin to be inset more smoothly.


If you performed the Binelli lift and you are unhappy with it it could indeed be converted to a more aggressive lift.  But if you're looking for just one surgery it sounds like the consensus is that the Binelli lift may not do enough for you.


Good luck with your decision.

Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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3 to 1 odds



I'll take three to one odds anyday.  You already know the answer to your question.  A periareolar lift procedure is generally reserved for lifts of around 2cm.  It sounds like you will need the lollipop.  Good luck!

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Both procedures are good for sagging breasts


Both procedures are good, and no one can tell you what to do in your particular situation without actually examining you themselves.

You understand the core issue of the debate: the Benelli lift has less scar, but it may not lift/tighten as much and the scar can be thicker or pucker. Without seeing you, it is impossible to know whether it would work for you.

I'd say this: 5.5 in general sounds like a lot to expect out of a Benelli. And, in general, if your SN:N is 26 as you say, 5.5 is probably more than you need to be lifted. The most common error with a breast lift, no matter the technique, is to raise the nipple too high. So I'd look into that again.

Be sure that your Benelli surgeon really understands what he/she is talking about and be convinced that they are highly experienced with that procedure before you select them.

And one more thing: most American surgeons call any breast lift with a scar just around the areola a Benelli. But Louis Benelli described much more than that: wide undermining with extensive reshaping of the breast. If your surgeon is calling it a Benelli, be sure he/she knows enough to know what a Benelli really is!

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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The Best Lift for Breast Sagginess


It’s not unusual for patients with breast sag to request procedures that limit the extent of scarring.  Unfortunately, these efforts often result in significant compromises regarding the quality of scars and ultimately the shape of the breasts.  Limited incisions can create tension on wound closures that result in spread of the scars and actual distortion of the breast shape.
It’s important to remember that breast sag is usually accompanied by excess skin and failure to address this problem can result in a less than optimal result.  Breast lift surgery often requires removal of excess skin in multiple dimensions to achieve the best possible result.
Patients with breast sag are always unique.  They have specific anatomic findings and personal aesthetic goals.  It’s virtually impossible to recommend one of these procedures in the absence of pictures or a physical examination.  It’s therefore important to discuss certain concepts that are relevant to the surgical procedure.  As a general rule the breast contour and the quality of the scars are more important than the length of the scars.
In some cases, the degree of sag may be greater than the capacity of a donut mastopexy to deal with the excess skin.  Performing this procedure under these circumstances can result in tension on the closure with severe spread of the scars.  In this situation a lollipop incision would be a far better option. 
It’s important that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with this procedure.  You have already seen multiple surgeons who have recommended a more aggressive approach.  I suspect that this is probably the correct approach for your problem.

Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Lollipop Breast Lift Best for Sagging Breasts over 2 Centimeters


Thank you for your question. I agree with most that a Lollipo Breast Lift is your best option since your sagging breasts have a Nipple Areola that requires 5.5 Centimeters of lift.

Trying to lift the breast this amount using a Peri Areolar Breast Lift will result in puckering and deformity that will be very visible and much worse that a well healed Lollipop Lift Scar.

Good luck.

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Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Circumareolar Lift Vs. Lollipop Lift for Breast Sagging


You raise an excellent concern regarding breast lift options.  Most patients would prefer to have minimal scarring (as would most plastic surgeons) with a breast lift.  However, with a significant amount of lift necessary as in your case, there are limitations to the Benelli (Circumareolar) approach.  While the Benelli approach can lift the nipple-areola, the larger the lift, the more likely that the circular scar wiill pucker, widen, stretch and flatten the breast (imagine you are pulling the drawstring up on a purse to close it...this is very similar to what is being done with a Benelli lift).  The Lollipop lift can accomplish a sgnificant degree of lift while also reducing the areolar size (if necessary) and minimizing tension on the scars which significantly help scar healing.  Additionally, the Lollipop lift does not flatten the breast and the scars themselves usually heal very nicely.  In your case, you and your plastic surgeon need to decide if the lift can be adequately performed without the additional scar and if so, what can you realistically expect as your final result.  Based on the information that you have provided, I would strongly favor a Lollipop lift.  Best of luck!

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Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Vertical lift or benelli


I have to agree with with most comments on this post.  Ironically your scar will probably look much better with a vertical lift than with the benelli.  A lift of 5.5 cm is asking a lot for a benelli.  It will not only flatten the breast but most likely stretch the areola back to or larger than it's original size because of the tension around it.  Furthermore, I find it difficult to shape the breast using that technique. There is more control with the vertical lift in that respect.  I tell my patients that a benelli is best for simply moving the areola up 1-2 cm max- usually to achieve symmetry with the other breast.  Hope this helps and good luck!

Reno Plastic Surgeon
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I find a lollipop lift or a anchor lift gives a better shaped breast with out puckering


 In the end you want the best shaped breast with out puckering. In my hands this is best accomplished with a lollipop or anchor lift with or with out a sub mammary gel implant.  Benelli Lifts are some what variable in most surgeons hands. 

Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Benelli lift vs. Vertical

I would need to see photos to see if this was even possible, but the more the nipple needs to be raised, the worse the Benelli technique is.
Hilton Head Island Plastic Surgeon
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Lollipop Vs Benelli Lift for Sagging Breasts?

Most patients do not want the vertical scar, but if that is what is required to achieve a good result with a well-shaped breast, it is well worth it.  The Benelli lift is a very weak lift and only appropriate for very mild lifts, usually with less than 3cm or ideally 2cm of nipple elevation.  When attempted for more extensive lifts such as you describe, the puckering is worse, the eventual scar is worse, the flattening of the breast in the area of the areola is worse, the degree of lift and its longevity are worse, and the ability to predictably reduce and reshape the areola is less. In the total scope of things, the vertical scar is a small price to pay for a MUCH better, more reliable, and more predictable result.

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Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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