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Is It Better to Have Liposuction Before or After Pregnancy?

I am 5' and weigh 110 lbs. I am 30 and will probably have children in the next year or so. I have wanted Liposuction on problem areas: abs and love handles for a while and can now do it but didn't know if I should wait until after pregnancy. I have heard different opinions and would like to hear from a professional. Thanks!

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Liposuction makes you feel better about yourself so do it NOW


If you have problem areas that bother you then do the liposuction now to fix them so you can feel better about yourself right away. You probably won't get as big during the pregnancy in those trouble areas so you won't have to lose as much weight after the pregnancy and liposuctions are so safe now a days that they can be done after the pregnancy to touch up areas if needed. Also, who knows how long it will take you to get pregnant anyway. Do it now for yourself.

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Liposuction just prior to Pregnancy not recommended


As you are planning on having children in the next year or so, I would recommend waiting until after your last pregnancy. Pregnancy and other hormonal changes in your body affect fat distribution. Waiting until you have plateaued will give you the best and longest results. 


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Best time to have liposuction


I tell people the best time to have liposuction (or any surgery), is when you have the time to recover. Whether before, or after a pregnancy, people want to feel better about themselves and "if" your skin becomes too stretched with pregnancy you may be able to remove more of it if liposuction had been done in a separate session.

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Liposuction before or after pregnancy.


Given the amount of time to heal and the limited time to benefit from the liposuctionprior to being pregnant, I would advise deferring liposuction until after. At that time it is more likely that you will achieve better results with a tummy tuck rahter than liposuction

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Liposuction Now or After Pregnancy


It really depends on how you do after pregnancy. Also know that after pregnancy you may be looking more at a tummy tuck for your abdomen perhaps. So I would see what is really your future as far as pregnancy goes. This way, if you need a tummy tuck later, you can have that done along with the liposuction you wanted all after you are done lactating.

Hope that helps you.

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Liposuction and pregnancy ti;ming depend on your goals.


 If you think you will be good about controlling your weight after pregnancy, I would do it before. That way you get to enjoy it now. If you feel you may not loose the weight of pregnancy, then wait.

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Have Liposuction after pregnancy


Wait til after any pregnancy to get any type of liposuction. Why do a pre pregnancy cosmetic surgery to have it ruined by weight gain and stretching? Not a good plan. Regards.

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Liposuction before or after pregnancy


You certainly can do liposuction before pregnancy but you should not be trying to conceive while having the surgery. Should you do liposuction after you have recovered and healed from the delivery, you should wait until after breast feeding or unless you could pump enough milk to last a few days. The anesthetic from the tumescent liposuction that is injected into the fat, is eliminated from the body, but I'm not certain that anyone knows exactly how long it would clear from breast milk. You might want to check with a pediatrician, but they may not have the answer either.

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