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Liposuction and the Beach

how soon after liposuction can i go to the beach??? also ill be traveling on a 9 hr fligh with 1 stop tho....

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I have had patients go to the beach in Hawaii in 5 days after lipo but they really must cover up with both sunscreen and clothes.  In addition you do not really look so hot for the first 2 weeks or so often after surgery.  Then it depends on what is liposuctioned, how much, how many area.   Forget going to the beach and looking good for the first 2 weeks.  You will look okay, but lipo recovery takes time and is variable from person to person.   If you have stomach lipo and go to the beach in 9 days wear a 2 piece bathing suit.   Really if you want to go and fully enjoy the beach,  go on vacation and get lipo later.  This 9 day plan is not advisewd unless you have no alternative.  If no alternative, cover up, wear sunscreen, and forget about enjoying your lipo at 9 days.  I think you can see where I stand on this.  Good Luck.

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Going to the beach following liposuction: recommendations

You may go to the beach several days after liposuction. However, you will be bruised, swollen, somewhat numb and possibly tender. I do not recommend sitting out in the hot sun (especially exposed) for at least 3 weeks as your skin will be numb and you can sustain a burn. My recommendation is also to avoid vigorous activities including swimming until around 3 weeks after your surgery.

You should follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon that will be performing your procedure.

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Liposuction and the beach

You can probably go out and sit out within a few days although you probably will still be bruised. As for going in the water, I would wait three weeks until the incisions are really sealed.

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Liposuction Recovery

Depending on the areas of treatment and the type of liposuction, most of my patients are able to return to work after about 5 days.  I require my patients to wear a compression garment 24 hours a day for 4 weeks, the 5th week only at night. I also advise my patients that they should expect bruising and post surgical swelling. The swelling subsides over time however it may take months to see your final result. I also restrict flying for 4 weeks due to the risk of blood clots. In my practice I ask  patients to never plan to do any type of surgical procedure within 6 weeks of any major event. Best wishes! 

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