Lipo Incisions Look Inflamed - What Can I Do?

4 weeks ago I had SmartLipo on abdomen & back with a total of 15 small incisions. Most healed nicely except for the 2 largest ones on each hipbone. They are red and inflamed although stopped oozing about a week ago. Initially, any type of ointment and bandaids were making them worse until I discovered on my own that I should use gauze pads and plain cloth tape (apparent allergic/sensitive to most adhesives!) What should I be doing to help with the "angry" redness & swolleness of the incisions?

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Liposuction scars

Most liposuction incisions will heal with minimal scarring within 1-2 weeks. I hope your surgeon was a Plastic surgeon. The number of your incisions (15) seems much for abdomen and back. Anyway, laser assisted liposuction such as Smart lipo can cause burns at the incision sites. Most of these burns will heal well with local wound care such as gauze and antibiotic ointment. If the incisions are not healing well or becomes inflamed, you need to see your surgeon as soon as possible. Occasionally, there may be an infection requiring antibiotic treatment.

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Dr Okoro

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Inflamed Liposuction Incisions?

It sounds like the incisions are still healing. You should continue keeping the area clean and covered. Try to avoid touching the area with any type of adhesive since it sounds as if you may have an allergic reaction to it. Once the skin has settled down and the inflammation has gone down (in about 3-4 weeks), you can start applying scar cream such as MEDERMA or KELOCOTE to help fade the appearance of the scars.

Usha Rajagopal, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Red and swollen liposuction insertion site

If there is redness and swelling an infection needs to be ruled out by your sureon. Infected skin usually hurts but not always. If the scars are trying to become hypertrophic, or angry scars, and there is no infection, then the drug-store purchased scar dressings of silastic gel, may help suppress ths reaction. For you, you should see your liposuction doctor.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologist
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Non healing SmartLipo incisions may be burns

We see patients treated at the local 'liposuction center' here in town with this same issue- the skin over the 'hipbone' area can be quite thin, and can be burned by laser liposuction cannula. Burns are one of the distinct disadvantages that laser liposuction has, as compared to safer forms of liposuction that don't use heat. These wounds will heal with time (moist dressing and frequent band-aid changes) but you may have an unsightly scar in this region. It pays to do your 'homework' when it comes to choosing a surgeon for your liposuction procedure - most of the board certified plastic surgeons I know don't use SmartLipo because of the problems with skin burns. 

Possible infection

Red and swollen scars can indicate an infection, so you should see your surgeon to have your scars checked out.

Inflammed scars after laser liposuctio

May be best to discuss with your surgeon to make sure you are healing properly. If so, this may just be normal healing. Consider using silicone gel sheets made for scar improvement.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Red, oozing wounds after laser liposuction

Hi.  This problem needs to be checked by your surgeon.  It's hard to tell from your description whether you have some component of wound infection or incisional friction/ laser burns, or whether it's just normal postoperative redness of an incision.

Better to have someone experienced look at it than to seek help online...


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Prolonged red swollen inflamed incision sites for laser lipolysis (SmartLipo)

As stated repeated passing of the laser fiber through the skin can cause thermal type injuries to the skin. However, I have occasionally observed this even without lasers and it may be due to the exposed nature of these incisions over the hip which are subject to repeated trauma by your clothing. I believe the padding function of the gauze may be another reason why you saw an improvement with its use.  

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Red incsions after lipo

It is not unusual to have some red ness after the incs ions.This is part of the normal healing phase and may be reaction to buried sutures.some cortisone cream or an anti scar cream like kelcote or mederma may help.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Inflammation of liposuction incisions

For heaven's sake, go see your surgeon!  Hopefully this is just a minor friction burn but it could be something more serious, like fat necrosis or an infection.   If you made the mistake of going to a liposuction factory and you cannot see the doctor who did your surgery, get thee to a real plastic surgeon for evaluation. 

Lisa L. Sowder, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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