Lifting Weights, Fitness and Breast Implants. How Will It Affect my Training?

I have always been physically active in my life. I have played soccer for 15 years and tried and done every sport possible. About a year ago I got into physique competitions. I am a bikini and figure competitor and a fitness model. Training is my life and more and more I realized that having a chest specially in this industry is pretty important. I have always been a size A, and I realize this will never change. My concern is how will the implants effect my training and lifting heavy weight? Since my life revolves around the fitness industry I would need to know if having implants will cause me more complications then not having them. I have heard a lot of good things from professional athletes and also some very shocking horror stories about weight training and implants. Besides my career I have wanted to have a bigger chest, I would love to be able to fill out a bikini or bra without having to buy padding. Can someone give me some advice? or information. Thanks Fitness woman

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Lifting Weights, Fitness and Breast Implants


A properly sized implant (meaning not too big) placed above the muscle should not interfere with upper body fitness training.   Breast implants can be placed over or under the pectoralis major (chest) muscles.   There are advantages and disadvantages to each techniques however for women who are body builders or seriously lift weights (crossfitters included), implants should be placed above the muscles.   

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Breast augmentation for athletes and fitness models

Being so fit, you probably have greater muscle mass than non-athletic patients. As a result, breast implants are almost always placed underneath the pectoral muscles (sub-pectoral placement) to ensure a natural-looking outcome. For highly muscular competitive body builders that have to flex their muscles on stage during a competition, placing the implants above the muscle may also be considered.

Increased muscle mass also means that your plastic surgeon must select implants that are sized in proportion to your body. Rather than simply selecting larger implants, I recommend implants with specific profiles. Years of strength training and fat loss mean that models have typically lost upper pole breast mass, volume from the breast's superior and superior-medial poles (this can visualized as 8 and 12 on an analogue clock) and general breast fullness.

The implants must also be chosen in proportion to the dimensions of a woman's chest wall. One of the most important goals of the procedure is to create great cleavage by using wide diameter implants without leading to a unified-looking breast (symmastia). I carefully measure the patient's chest wall before selecting implants based on these figures to maximize cleavage and leave behind a pleasing, natural-looking result. This approach works well for all patients, regardless of whether they wish to enhance their bust size by a small or large amount.

I have performed breast augmentation on many, many fitness models and athletes, and my patients have gone on to maintain or improve their muscular definition and continued to exercising without experiencing any negative effects resulting from breast augmentation.

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