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Will Nose Size Decrease As Swelling Goes Down?

I had my surgery 10 days ago. I was uphappy with the size of my nose as i always felt it stuck out too much! 10 days after surgery and it looks no smaller!! Is the length also something which will decrease over time?

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Swelling after nasal surgery

The answer is yes the swelling in the nose will slowly dissipate the majority of the swelling should go down within the first three months and the residual swelling in the tissues and tip may take a full year to completely heal. Give this some time and you should see improvement in the near future. Best regards!

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Nose swelling after surgery


This is the most common question and concern after nose surgery.  Because of the position and composition of the nose it takes an exceedingly long time to have all the swelling go away.  Surely your plastic surgeon explained this to you.  Think of the tissues of the nose as a sponge.  This sponge takes a long time to dissipate all the water it is holding.  Patience is a virtue and your best friend.

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