Laser Hair Treatment #1, It Appears Nothing has Happened, Normal?

its been a week since my first laser treatment, and it appears that nothing has happened. i.e- the hair is still growing, at a fairly rapid rate. Is this normal? I thought some hairs, or all, should fall out.

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Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

What type of laser treatment did you have? For laser treatment hair removal it typically takes more than a week for results and more than one treatment. I would discuss with the original doctor who did the treatment to get a better idea of when you will see results and/or how many additional treatments are needed.

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First Laser Treatment

It may take a while to see a change and it make take a second treatment. Different lasers and different settings get different results. Also patients react differently depending on the hair type and color along with skin color.

First week after Laser Hair Treatment

The laser is causing the follicle to stop producing a new hair and can take several weeks for production to shut down.

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