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Knots Under my Incision Scar

I recently had a TT, I have been healing very well, but in the beginning of this week I noticed 2 small knots under my scar, one on the left and one on the right, I have been massaging them regularly (dont know if that helps) and they seem to be going away, when I touch the one on the right it does not hurt but it seems there is a line leading away from it that hurts a little (used to feel that pain in the first 6 weeks of healing. Sorry I dont have a pic, its not visible just by looking.

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Lumps along Tummy Tuck Scar Line.....


Lumps under your skin along your tummy tuck scar line are most likely  your sutures or inflammation around your sutures.  In most cases these stitches dissolve over 3-6 months.  As this happens, there is inflammation around them.
These lumps may also be what is called Fat Necrosis.  This is more common near the midline of your scar.  These usually persist for months to years and can be removed surgically if they are uncomfortable.  

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Tummy tuck


Scars will be pink, firm and bumpy for 3-4 months.  In most cases they will start to fade, soften and flatten out over the next 3-6 months.  If the scar starts to raise up like a keloid try topical silicone.  I hope this info helps.

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Palpable bumps in incisions commonly are sutures


It is very common that patients have palpable bumps under their incisions following tummy tucks. Most commonly, what the patients are feeling is the suture material (knots) under the skin. Even absorbable sutures take three months to be patient.

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Bumps under incision


As you progress in your healing, you will often notice things you may not have noticed originally. "Bumps" under the incision are likely sutures underneath the skin. It is likely you never noticed them before because prior to this time your swelling masked these bumps. As your swelling resolved, these bumps became more apparent.

Stitches underneath the skin can take up to six months before they completely dissolve, depending on the material of which they are made. 

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Knots under the incision after a tummy tuck


"Knots" or firm areas felt under the healing incision after a tummy tuck can either represent the scar tissue forming around dissolvable sutures (before they have had a chance to dissolve) or just the normal "healing ridge" that is scar tissue in a scar that has not softened yet.  Isolated lumps can sometimes represent a very small blood collection or small hematoma.  Usually these will resolve over time.  Massage will help scar tissue soften faster, but I would wait until after 6 weeks so that the scar is healed and strong and cannot be disrupted.

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Knots may be sutures


Knots that you are feeling in your stomach area after a tummy tuck may be knots from sutures underneath the skin.  Usually they dissolve with time.  But if they do not, then you may need to have them surgically removed.  Knots can also be caused by scar tissue.  In your case, that is a good possibility because you are able to get them smaller by massaging.  Unless the skin opens up over the knots or there is severe pain, they are probably nothing to worry about.

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Scar issues after a tummy tuck


It is not uncommon for patients to feel small bumps or areas of firmness beneath their scar after a tummy tuck.  Most of the time these bumps resolve on their own with massage and patience.  I frequently tell my patients that it takes at least a year for their scars to heal completely and take on their permanent appearance.  Sometimes, knots from sutures fail to dissolve completely and can become exposed.  These exposed portions of suture material can be removed by your surgeon or their staff.



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Recovery from Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty


After surgery, it is not uncommon to feel knots or lumps or bumps which are all temporary.  However, it may take several months for the tissues to settle and the swelling to resolve.  Occasionally in very thin patients, they can actually feel the knot of the sutures.  In most cases, this is prevent by inverting or tying the knot up side down so that it points inward.  However, sometimes these are still palpable.  It would be best to discuss your concerns with your surgeon and they can be very helpful and understanding your concerns.


Good Luck.

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Knots under incision


If you feel knots under your incision it can be due to:

  • A real knot from the sutures used to close your incision.   These usually dissolve on their own with time or your surgeon can remove them in the office with some local anesthesia to numb you.
  • Scar tissue and swelling which can feel uneven.  This is best helped with scar massage which basically involves rubbing the areas with a finger for several minutes a few times per day. These usually go away on their own in a couple months.

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