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Knocked my Cast 4 Days After Rhinoplasty

Hello I had closed rhinoplasty 4 days ago. I woke this morning and knocked the cast where the tip of the nose is. I felt a short burst of pain for only the second I hit it. It doesn't hurt now, the cast hasn't moved and I am able to still breath fine through my nose. No bleeding or afterpain But I am worried, that I may have caused any damage? If I moved anything, would I still be in pain? I am worried, please help!

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Rhinoplasty cast

The splint worn after a rhinoplasty is a precaution to facilitate the best healing, especially in the nasal bones. Without it, if the bones aren't moved, you should still heal well.

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Knocked my Cast 4 Days After Rhinoplasty

Most logical option is to call your surgeon or go to closest ER or Urgent care center. Over the internet there is no way we can determine if there is an issue. You need in person examination, just to be safe. 

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Knocked cast

check with your surgeon but it does not sound like you did anything serious or will affect your result. 

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Rhinoplasty healing

I wouldn't worry about it too much, you can see your plastic surgeon and they can easily replace it for you.  The best thing to do is call your surgeon as everyone is different.  He/She may want to replace it, they may not.  It should not affect your long term results.


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Injury after rhinoplasty

This happens frequently and i rarely see any problems. However you will just have to wait and see, good luck.

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Injury after rhinoplasty

Based on the detail you provided don't worry!  Minor injuries are not uncommon after surgery...either because of the patient's children (2year old head butts), pets (dogs especially) and your own accidental injuries while sleeping or just hap-hazardly hitting yourself.  Unless you suffered immediate bleeding and obvious deviation of your nose you will do fine.  The swelling and edema my take a little longer than usual to subside but you should do just fine.  If you are at all concerned beyond this ...get in to see your surgeon.  Dr. Shep

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