What Kind of Bras Are Needed After a Breast Lift & Augmentation?

Trying to get all of my supplies for my Mommy Makeover (TT, BL, & Aug) on 4.5.11 & not sure of what type or size of bras to get for post-surgery. All I currently have are underwire. Vegas trip between pre-op visit & surgery, so my errand time will be limited so that's why I'm trying to get all done early.

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Front Zip or Clasp Sports Bras Work Best After Breast Surgery

After any breast surgery that requires a post-operative garment, there are lots of options.  There are some specifically designed medical garments, but they can be pretty expensive.  Sometimes a soft sports bra that zips or clasps in front will do the trick.  Buy a few different sizes and see which one works best afterwards.  It is easier if they do not have any molded cups in them, and certainly no underwire either.  If there is any doubt, just check with your surgeon's office and they should be able to guide you.  I hope this helps.

Different bras for different surgeries

The type of bra that your surgeon recommends after a surgical intervention can be variable.

As a general rule, a sports bra without an underwire is used following a breast reduction or breast lift.

What to wear after breast augmentation depends on the surgeon. Some prefer a conforming bra without and underwire, others prefer the underwire. Ask your surgeon what he/she prefers.

Ezat Hashim, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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Each patient is unique-- discuss post-operative care with PS.

In the vast majority of patients who undergo combination breast lift, breast augmentation surgery, we utilize a compressive support bra in the immediate postoperative period.There are exceptions but these are rare.This bra helps minimize swelling and makes patients more comfortable.It also decreases the potential for displacement of new breast implants within the newly formed breast pocket.

The vast majority of patients are switched to a sports bra one week after surgery.They wear this bra for about six weeks and in most cases, are able to switch to an under wire bra at that time.

It’s important to realize that every patient’s situation is unique.It’s also important to realize that every surgeon has unique protocols.For this reason, the management of compression garments needs to be individualized.It’s important to discuss this issue with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Post Surgery Garment

Your plastic surgeon will be able to recommend a garment for you that will be best suited to the surgery you have had. 

Francis X. Fleming, MD
Kennewick Plastic Surgeon
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No Underwire Bras Following Breast Surgery

Each surgeon has his or her own postoperative routine for breast lift and augmentation.In general, any bra or compression garment following this procedure should have uniform compression, not have an underwire, and have clips in the front to allow for ease of removal.

John J. Edney, MD
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Bra After Breast Surgery?

You may want to check with your plastic surgeon;  it is very likely that you will wake up with a surgical bra and place. Otherwise, his/her office will likely have recommendations for you.

Best wishes.

What type of bras for augmentation and for lift?

Each surgeon has his or her preference depending on what they did at surgery and what they are trying to accomplish after surgery.  If I am making an incision in the inframammary crease (lift or aug or both), I will not want a patient to wear an underwire...i want a firm fitting band that supports the crease, but not an underwire to dig into the incision.  After lifts I want a bra cup to support the weight of the breast, after an augmentation I may want the tight skin of the breast to stretch and relax, so I use a different type of bra. If I am doing both a lift and an augmentation, I want more support than for an aug alone.  I have bras that I use and recommend to my patients depending on what type of postoperative "molding" and support I am trying to accomplish.

In other words, go with what your surgeon recommends.

Breast Lift

Every surgeon has a preference in post surgical garments and specific instructions. Please refer to your post- surgical instructions. Best wishes!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Post mommy makeover bra

The best answer I can give is to discuss this with your surgeon/staff as doctor preferences vary.  Personally, I like a firm fitting sports bra, as it provides support and compression. 

Beverly Friedlander, MD
Short Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Post surgical garments / bras after mommy makeover

After surgery, surgeons recommend a variety of garments and bras.  The recommendation is individualized as every patient is different and the procedures performed may be different from patient to patient.  So, the best option would be do discuss with your surgeon or your surgeon's coordinator about what supplies are needed after surgery.  For our patients having mommy makeover, abdominoplasty, breast lift, major liposuction, etc we provide the initial garment to wear the first few days after surgery.  We then usually recommend more comfortable garments such as Spanx or Yummy Tummy type products which can be purchased in most department stores.  


Good Luck.

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