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What Kind of Antibiotics Should Be Given After the Lipoma Removal ?

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Antibiotic use after Lipoma removal

Some surgeons may treat lipoma removal with a prophylactic antibiotic to avoid risk of infection post surgery. The antibiotic they choose would depend on the patients history and the paticular physicians orders. There is not a standard antibiotic ordered for lipoma removal if that is your question. The risk of infection is extremely low in a sterile environment and recovery is usually uneventful. Best regards!

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no antibiotics are given with a lipoma case as this is considered a clean case and giving antibiotics has been shown to be no benefit.

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Antibiotics After the Lipoma Removal


Unless the lipoma is infected or located in a marginally clean area your case would be qualified as a low risk or clean case. Antibiotics are usually given to reduce the risk of infection after surgery. In a CLEAN case, you should NOT require antibiotics after the surgery. Some surgeons would even decline giving you a single intravenous dose of antibiotics before surgery.

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