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How Are Invisalign Trays Numbered?

I am finished with my treatment & have saved my last 2 sets of aligners incase my retainers broke. Well, my retainer broke and I'd like to use my last set again until my new retainer comes in. I have one set that's labeled 03 and one that is 04. I can not remember which was the last set in my case.

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The Higher the Number the Closer to Finishing


When it comes to Invisalign trays, typically the higher number would be the last set. So if you have a higher number than odds are that is where you left off.

New York Orthodontist

Numbers are laser inscribed on each aligner


There is an U for the upper and an L for the lower and there is a number next to that which signifies the aligner. Use number 4. If you only had 4 aligners then thats your last one and its safe to wear. If you had 10 or 20 then number 4 is not recommended to wear.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist
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Normally invisalign is numbered low to high


The first aligner is #1 and the last one is #20 (if there were 20).  It sounds like you were an Express case?  only 4 total? 

In a pinch, the dental office can take impressions and send to a local lab.  Normal turnaround time for this is only 2-3 days.

Lance Timmerman, DMD
Seattle Cosmetic Dentist
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