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Internal Sutures Popped? Exerting Pressure.

Hi there, post op week three,I tried to open a sliding glass door that unbeknownst to me was locked, I felt something very painful, like a seperation in my rectus abominus. I called my PO after a few days of extreme discomfort and was told to just rest and take it easy. After a weeks time I felt better, until..3 nights ago I was sleeping and experienced a horrible muscle cramp in my calf. My body immediately jerked up and I felt a pop, extremely swollen and my PO is still saying to just rest

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Exertion causing possible pulled out internal sutures

You may have ripped your internal stitches from these exertional events. I would recommend that you insist on being seen for an examination by your surgeon to make sure you are healing properly and to determine whether you have developed any fluid collections

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