Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Repairing Torn Earlobes?

What is the cost of repairing 3 split earlobes and does insurance cover this procedure?

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Insurance covers traumatic ear repair

My advice is to get to a plastic surgeon right away if your earlobe is torn.  Most insurances cover traumatic repair of the earlobes but question whether elective surgery is cosmetic in nature.  My office fields these questions all the time and is adept at making pre-authorization inquiries to clarify coverage in advance of surgery. 

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Repairing earlobes is a cosmetic procedure unless caused by an accident.

Earlobe repair is a cosmetic procedure.  If earlobes were torn by some documented accident, there may be an outside chance of getting insurance to pay, otherwise you are on the hook for the cost.

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Insurance cost repair ear lobe earlobe tear torn split trauma stretched enlarged

Generally insurance does not cover repair of split ear lobes, stretched ear lobes or earlobes with enlarged holes

If there is an injury or trauma that causes a torn earlobe or cut ear lobe then the insurance sometimes covers the repair cost if done urgently in and emergency room for example. 

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Insurance will not cover earlobe repair

The short answer is "no."  Earlobe repair is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

For single, uncomplicated earlobe tears, we charge $375 for one earlobe and $650 for both. 

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.  Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available at no additional charge.  If you bring small studs with you, we can repierce your ears at the same time.

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Earlobe and insurance

You have to check with your insurance company. Most often not, but sometimes it in fact is. (this is rare). Only one way to find have to call and check.

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Insurance does not cover torn earlobes in Georgia

Torn earlobes are not covered by insurance, at least in Georgia.  However, the procedure is so simple and inexpensive it shouldn't be a problem to get them fixed.  It's done in the office with local. We charge $250 per earlobe.

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Does insurance cover the cost of repairing torn earlobes?

Hello! Thank you for your question! Surgical procedures for aesthetic purposes, to improve appearance, are not covered by insurance. Typically, these as well as complications resulting from such procedures are the responsibility of the patient. Procedures that are meant to correct functional issues and those which cause health-related issues should be covered by your insurance as a medical necessity, with proper examination and documentation. Some insurance plans have exclusion criteria for certain procedures. Also, it is an obligation of the surgeon not to attempt to authorize purely cosmetic procedures through insurance.

Discuss your issues and complaints with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss these as well as to examine and assist you in deciding which procedure(s) will be the best for you.  Typically torn earlobes are cosmetic procedures not covered by insurance.  Certainly, pay in advance prior to your surgical procedure and options such as financing are available if you qualify.  Cot will vary among surgeons and you geographic location.  This can usually be done in office under local anesthesia with a flat fee for all.  Hope that this helps! Best wishes!

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Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Repairing Torn Earlobes?

Thank you for your question, Brenda. Every insurance policy is different, so your question is not easily answered with a yes or no. Often the procedure is considered cosmetic and will not be covered. Certain plans allow earlobe repair in some circumstances such as following a recent traumatic earlobe tear - especially if it is repaired immediately following the episode of trauma. Check with your insurance carrier regarding the particulars of your case. Good luck.

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Torn earlobe and insurance...

Torn earlobes are mostly caused by people who wear heavy earrings over long periods of time or by people who have inherently weaker earlobes.  Ear lobe repair is a quick procedure which is done under local anesthesia.  After the stitches are removed, the ear usually heals nicely and it is safe to have your ears pierced 6 after weeks. This is a cosmetic procedure and will not be covered by insurance unless you go to the office on the day that it rips and a laceration is visible. The cost of the procedure varies upon which doctor you see but usually runs about $700 per ear.  Be sure to consult with a Board Certified Facial Plastic or Plastic Surgeon when scheduling a consultation.









































Insurance coverage of torn ear lobe repair

Insurance coverage of torn ear lobe repair is becoming increasingly less common, as most insurances consider it cosmetic.

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