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Can I Inhale Steam After Rhinoplasty?

hello Doc! i had rhinoplasty 20daysago.I still have swelling on my face,congestion in my nose and cant speak properly.i apply ice twice in a day.since it is winter season i have developed cold.At nights by nostrils give me burning sensation.i'm able to blow air out to remove the flem,the scabs had also got out but when i'm removing it got attached to the stitch inside the nostril adjacent to tip got out.due to ingorance i pulled off the stitch.Does it effect the shape?can i take steam for cold?

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Inhaling Steam after Rhinoplasty

Humidity frequently will improve nasal breathing after rhinoplasty, especially during the winter months when heating will dry the air in your residence. Talk to your surgeon about your "cold" and  how to clear your nose. It is better for you to follow his/her instructions rather than seeking advice from us.

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Can I Inhale Steam After Rhinoplasty?

You should ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon but IMO, this would be ill advised.  Steam will increase the heat in the nasal tissues which increases the blood supply risking bleeding and swelling.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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