Icing Eyelid to Help Heal After Eyelid Surgery?

For how long (days) after lower eyelid surgery should I ice to speed up the recovery? I know it takes time but I'm getting a little frustrated because while I appear to be healing quickly in that I'm barely bruised, on day 4 I seem to have no swelling left except for that annoying "puff" that prompted me to get the surgery in the first place.

Does ice make a difference after the initial few days? Thanks.

Doctor Answers 2

Icing definitely helps

After eyelid surgery, rest, elevation of your head on pillows while sleeping, and ice will definitely speed your recovery. I recommend as much as possible for the first week, and I realize this can get very annoying quickly, but my patients who commit to this tend to recover more quickly. Stick with it as much as you can and be patient-- some patients simply take longer to heal than others, but in the end you should have a very nice result.

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