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I Have a Lot of Excess Skin on my Buttocks (They Sag and Are Heavy). What is the Best Way to Repair Them?

A board certified surgeon said she could do a medial buttuck and thigh lift but my rear would be flat. She said she could put some of my skin/flesh back onto my buttocks (not by injection) to mae my butt less flat, but I would still have sagging. I've lost 187 lb & workout regularly. Surgeon says I have good muscle tone but my butt skin is too heavy to put it all in for fullness. Big butts are a family trait. What can I do to make my rear look good? Not many options in my state. Please help!

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Sagging Buttocks

The sagging buttocks can be lifted with a lift and the excess skin removed. The incision is on the top of the buttocks,

A dermis fat graft can be put in the buttock for volume and projection if desired.

Medial thigh lift does not do anything to the buttocks unless you extend the scar to the buttock crease which is more obviuous and poor in healing and very noticable.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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187 lb Weight Loss and Need Buttlift

   In general, a body lift may be helpful as well as a medial thigh lift, but this is hard to determine without pictures.  This procedure can be broken up into stages as well.  Autoaugmentation with rotational flaps may help some, but physical exam would be needed to confirm feasibility of this option.  If you have any fat left to transfer, that may be a better idea for volume filling.

Gluteal Reshaping following massive weight loss

Congratulations on your weight loss! For gluteal Reshaping after massive weight loss, I recommend a lower body lift with autologous augmentation (the excess skin from the back is de-epithelialized or the superficial skin is shaved off, the tissue is reshaped and tucked into the gluteal area for volume).  This is an extensive procedure and takes a couple of weeks time off from work, but the results are amazing.  Good luck and take care!

Butt skin laxity

Dear sunnilu,

   The reason for your buttock skin laxity, is that you lost significant amount of volume (fat).  Your skin  could not shrink enough and accomodate your new butt size. Well, the logical solution is to restore the lost volume. The 2 most common techniques are fat injection and silicone implants. Unfortunately, fat injection is unpredictable and most of the time disappears after a year. Buttock implants are soft , feel and look natural and most importantly , do not disappear. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in buttock implant augmentation.  Check his or hers before and after and make sure that you like the results.

        Best of luck,

                                    Dr Widder

Buttock lift after massive weight loss

Congratulations on your weight loss.

  • Body repair after major weight loss is complex.
  • It is hard to say what is best for you without a complete examination.
  • Your surgeon's plan sounds reasonable - using your own buttock tissue folded in to enlarge the buttock.
  • Be sure she is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon experienced in weight loss surgery.
  • If not, I suggest you consult one.
  • You might eventually want a buttock implant but my preference would be correcting the effects of weight loss first and using your own tissues if possible.

Hope this helps!

Buttock reconstruction after massive weight loss

Congratulations on losing 187 lbs!  Unfortunately in these situations you are left with a lot of excess sagging skin that can only be treated by surgical excision (removal).  Thus I recommend first undergoing a buttock lift (probably even a "total body lift") and then once you are completely healed and the tissues are settled into their final shape then look into the (probable) need for buttock implants to restore volume.  Glad to help...RAS 

Ryan Stanton, MD
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