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Hydroquinone After Laser Hair Removal?

I'm Arabic with fair skin and black hair just finished my first full body gentleLase hair removal session & my doctor prescribed me hydroquinone 2% to use for duration of 2 days after laser currently I have no pigmentation & I'm concerned about safety of hydroquinone and its need where no pigmentation is present Is it nessecary to use it ?

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Hydroquinone is effective at decreasing excess melanin production. With laser hair removal the hair is heated, leading to destruction of the follicle. In the process, the heat can cause the surrounding pigment cells to increase pigment output. The hydroquinone is meant to decrease the potential for skin darkening. Short term use should not have an effect on normal surrounding skin.

Boulder Dermatologist
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Hydroquinone and laser hair treatment


Hydroquinones are frequently prescribed to type 3 or 4 skin type sometimes before and at times after laser hair removal.  It is considered safe to use.  If you are very concerned you should ask your treating physician if it is entirely necessary in your case.  Please let me know how your treatments work out.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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