How Much Does Laser Liposuction Cost?

Do all of the various kinds of laser liposuction cost about the same?

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Cost of Laser Liposuction

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I enjoy reading the comments made by some — from this, one has laser liposuction available to his patients, and one does not. Laser liposuction is laser assisted liposuction, so those of us who perform the procedure, use the laser as an adjunct to a liposuction procedure. The benefits of laser lipo, which have been scientifically studied, show that the skin tightening from the procedure is quicker and better when laser lipo is done.

The costs vary between doctors and between states. The most common costs are about 2500-3500 dollars per area treated, with reductions given with more areas treated. Again, price varies a great deal and the most important thing is to find a provider that is well skilled in lasers and inliposuction. A board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon should be the ones doing these procedures.

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Laser liposuctions are getting cheaper and cheaper.

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Laser liposuctions have been getting a lot cheaper over the last few yrs for good reason- results have not been up to expectations in many instances.  There are a lot of problems with skin puckering and skin burns and just not happy patients with their results when done by inexperienced physicians.  Be sure to see docs with a lot of experience and great results in liposuction and insist on tumescent local anesthesia with the micro canulas rather than gen. anesthesia.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Cost depends on surgery center, anesthesia, professional fees and areas treated

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Laser liposuction is a convenient and effective modality for lipolysis. The treatment is superior to conventional liposuction.

Treatment with laser liposuction entails laser fat dissolution and fat aspiration. Cost depends on the type of anesthesia, surgery center fees, and the number of areas treated.

The key to success is meticulous technique and placing utmost importance on safety.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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