How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?

I'm considering a hair transplant and I have male pattern baldness. Is surgery just a temporary solution? How would I be able to achieve full head of hair if Male Pattern Baldness is progressive? The doctor recommended i get 4000 grafts. If I can get it done in one surgery OK, but I don't want to be going in and out of surgery every few years. Am I just delaying the inevitable?

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Hair Transplant for Permanent Solution

The great part about hair transplantation is that it is a permanent solution for hair loss.  After your hair transplantation procedure, we recommend a combination of laser hair therapy, propecia, and Rogaine to help solidify the transplanted hair follicles and aid in slowing the loss of hair from follicles that were not transplanted.  Talk with your doctor about his recommendations for post transplantation hair care.

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Hair Transplants last

Hair Transplants should last forever.  The hairs used are permanent.  However, large cases may not do as well depending on how long it takes to complete the case. 

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Length of time hair transplant lasts

Hair transplant is permanent!  You doctor will be able to tell you his or her success rate per graft.  I quote our patients higher than 95% take rate. 

4000 grafts is a mega session and will likely correct most of the baldness you see now.  If your balding continues and you don't take steps to minimize further baldness, new areas may show up in the future.  Talk with your doctor and make sure what steps are recommended to prevent future baldness. 

Duration of Transplanted Hair

Male Pattern Baldness is a gradually progressive problem. To what degree your hair loss progresses  is multifactorial but mainly genetic. At the same time there are two products available that may decrease the rate of hair loss and even grow hair. They are Propecia and Rogaine, and both work by different mechanisms of action. So even if you're considering surgery there is no downside to starting one or both of the approved medications for male pattern hairloss. The transplanted hair comes from the temporal and occipital scalps and tends to last a lifetime, but in the same way that this horseshoe ring of hair may thin out in elderly men  the grafts may also thin out to some degree.

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As long as your hair lasts on the back of the head

For men, hairs harvested from the back of the scalp (the donor area) should last forever.  In other words, men don't usually lose hair on the back of the head no matter how bald they are.

The key is planning out your hair restoration so that it looks natural as you only have a limited supply of donor hair.

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Hair loss is progressive but hair transplant is permanent

Your transplanted hair should behave as it did in its original 'donor site' location. These grafts should continue to grow hair. Your scalp balding pattern will continue to evolve (along the vertex, for example) and a well planned hair transplantation should account for this fact.

Longevity of hair transplantation

Hair transplant grafts demonstrate behavior as if they had stayed in their donor site. Typically, the hair on the back of the head between the ears never goes bald. Therefore, once transplanted and growing, the hair will not go away. One concern with hair grafting is that the hair posterior to the transplanted grafts can stop growing and lead to gaps just behind the grafted site.

I hope this helps.

- Dr. Bryson Richards

Neograft is a permanent success!

Patients of all backgrounds and hair types have been successful from this “minimally invasive” option. It has proven to yield results far superior to current long-time hair transplant methods and treatments. The grafted hair will not fall out as the grafts are harvested from the back and sides of the head – an area that is genetically resistant to hair loss or balding. Hair loss does not stop after a single transplantation, some people will need continuing maintenance by being prescribed hair loss medications and/or needing additional hair restoration procedures.

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How long does hair transplant last?

It depends on where the hair is harvested from. There is an area in the back if he head called the safe donor zone. The hair in the donor zone is resistant to DHT which is the home one responsible for male pattern hair loss. If hair is harvested from that area then it will last askin as the hair in the back of the head last. However, Unfortunetly in the recent years, many doctors have started to harvest hair from areas out side of the Zone, and also harvest from the body hair and beard and transplant to the hair giving the impression that those hair are also permanent.  There are no studies that show that body hair or beard hair or hair out side of the safe zone is resistant to DHT and thereby these hair will probably be lost in a few years and patient head will go back to square one. So what is the benefit of doing the transplant if you gonna lose it? Well as they say" patient will benefit from hair when they are young when it counts!" 
If the hair in the donor zone is limited, the pros and cons of hair transplant harvested from other areas of the body needs to be explained in detail and have the patient decide if the benefit over comes the risks In the long run. 

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