How Long for a Hematoma to Re-absorb? (photo)

Hi, 7 months ago I was involved on a car accident, hit my face against the passanger side.The doctor said an hematoma was formed.Went down from what it was the first 4mts, I went to a Plastic Surgeon 3 mts ago. My last visit was 2 months, she said it will go down by itself, an no longer need to see me, but my problem is still hurts and is not goin down anymore. I applied Arnica cream, I read online it helps but no luck.Will go down completely?Should I wait more time or look for another Doctor?

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Absorption of Hematoma of Face After Car Accident

Based on your photos, you seem to be progressing nicely. However, it would be a good idea to have it checked by a surgeon since you are still experiencing pain.

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